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Math, Statistics, and...ZOMBIES!!!

If more math projects had been like this, I'd have been more interested...the zombie apocalypse meets modern disaster modeling meets AWESOME.

"I need an umbrella..."

Today, The Boy and I were driving to dinner when we all saw a rainbow.  It was the first one he'd ever seen, so obviously this set off a ton of toddler-talk.  So, we get dinner and we come back out of the restaurant, and the rainbow was gone.  The Boy looks around, and tells me to hurry as he takes off running towards the car.   I ask him what we're doing and he tells me that we have to "catch the rainbow, Daddy."  I asked him how we were going to catch the rainbow.  He turned and looked at me.  Then he said, serious as a heart attack, "I need an umbrella."  I'm tempted to get him a toddler-sized umbrella and see what happens.  Then again, if he does catch that rainbow with an umbrella, could it cause some sort of catastrophic chain reaction that would obliterate reality itself?  Do all dads confront these sorts of questions?
With our current program of rebuilding our international image, it's a good idea to look at what did the lion's share of tarnishing it.  And this article does it.  A perfect storm indeed.  I can understand at least the initial pressing desire to engage in harsher interrogation tactics in the hopes of uncovering what many conceived to be the next wave of attacks, but to continue the practice, and to advocate for its legality under international and American laws despite our own prior denouncement of the practices the prior administration referred to as "enhanced interrogation" as torture when other governments did it to our soldiers, is despicable.  This was touched off by the release of the memos surrounding the torture debate, obviously.  I will not rant.  I will not rant.  Calm.

Noble and true, you are the hero other heroes aspire to be. You are a natural leader, selfless and kind, who will put the lives of others above your own, and are steadfast in your pursuit of justice.

Take the quiz!

Make Mine Marvel...?

Marvel Comics' movie studio end of things is starting up a staff office of writers for their stable of properties.  Sounds great right?  It does to me.  But then I read this about their plan for these writers' contracts:

Before the writers are even allowed to come in and meet, they must sign a non-disclosure agreement and a 70-page, non-negotiable contract. Among other things, the contract gives Marvel ownership over everything the writers create during the one year term of [the] deal, plus a first look and last refusal to any and all projects the writers have previously written or will write for 24 months in the future.

Read about the whole thing here.

That is some scary stuff right there.  They own you for 2 years after you quit.  And they own anything the writer creates during that year, even in his off-time.  Yeek.  With desperate economic times come desperation contracts, I guess, but that is some seriously cold stuff right there.

Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer

Everybody else has beaten this to death, but still...whoa. Why is it that the only person in the media that ever holds anyone accountable for anything is a guy on a fake news show? Seriously?

Add a few Howling Commandoes and...

Samuel L. Jackson has reportedly signed on to portray Marvel's grand old Sergeant/Colonel Nicholas J. Fury for the next NINE Marvel Comics movie adaptions.  Do not say "what" again.  Fair warning.

Yet another of my obligatory "I'm a comic book geek" posts.

I cannot resist the AWESOMENESS of...


From El Gorgo's website:

El Gorgo is the world’s greatest Luchador. He is a gorilla. He also is the world’s greatest surf-guitarist. And he writes historical fiction. And he’s a scientist. And he fights crime. And he goes on adventures. Sometimes he sleeps for a few seconds.

This pushed buttons I didn't know I had.  Did I mention there's a highly advanced lost city of saurian humanoids?  And that El Gorgo works for an international organization called "Lucha Liberty"?  I could say more, but then we'd get into spoilers.

Many thanks to bagg for pointing me toward El Gorgo.

The Onion recently did this little Onionized blurb about President Obama, poking fun at his comic collection habit.  Were I ever, through some mad twist of fate or the whim of some cruel, sarcastic god, elected President, this article would not be in the Onion, but in the NYT.  The only change would be that I would have fired people over it.

Dopey Dad Post

Logan has learned to count.  And created his own new mathematical concept, too!  His creation, you ask...?


Part pi, part 5, all LOGAN!

How did The Boy arrive at this amazing point of brilliance?  I don't know, as he's still only doing one- and two-word sentences, but I'm thinking it involved solving 22/5 or something?  Hey, I'm not the toddler boy genius...

Am I exaggerating?  Probably.  Could this just be a linguistic difficulty with the "f" sound?  Likely, as he also tries to say "Piveteen."  But, viewing this through first-time poppa googles, BRILLIANT!!